Flight safety

Flight safety is the absolute priority for all Aeroflot Group companies.

The use and regular maintenance of new and modern aircraft and the work of highly professional flight and service personnel helps enable the Group to maintain a high level of safety. JSC Aeroflot’s flight safety coefficient in 2013 was 99.961%, which is in the range defined as the highest level of safety (99.900% ÷ 100%).

Since 2000 airports in member states of the European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC) have been implementing the Safety Assessment of Foreign Aircraft programme. The assessments are carried out using a standardised procedure in all ECAC countries. Checks by ECAC inspectors in 2013 confirmed that Aeroflot aircraft fully meet the programme requirements.

Aviation and Transport Security

The Company continued to implement measures in 2013 to ensure a high level of aviation and transport security, preventing any risk to the life and health of passengers and of Aeroflot employees when they are carrying out their duties.

In 2013 the Company fully implemented measures to ensure transport security of its vehicle fleet and took an active part in legislative work to enhance provisions of the Federal Law № 16-FZ ‘On transport security’, dated 09.02.2007.

Aeroflot takes measures to prevent illegal interferences in Company operations and any attempts to cause economic losses to the Company. Aeroflot constantly monitors compliance with aviation security standards, rules and procedures by passengers, Company employees and firms carrying out aviation and transport security work for Aeroflot on an outsourcing basis. Safety management activities are pursued in close cooperation with aviation security staff at airports, aviation companies, law-enforcement agencies and Russian federal executive bodies.

During 2013 the Company underwent a number of regular audits, which confirmed compliance with aviation security standards:

  • Aeroflot successfully passed IATA’s Operational Safety Audit (IOSA) for the fifth time.
  • Aeroflot successfully underwent a certification audit to remain registered as a supplier of ground services in compliance with the requirements of ISAGO (IATA Safety Audit for Ground Operations).
  • Specialists of the US Transportation Security Administration assessed compliance with TSA requirements for Aeroflot flights departing to the USA, and found no instances of non-compliance.

All Aeroflot Group airlines comply with the IOSA standard, which is a prerequisite for membership of IATA and the SkyTeam global alliance, and also with partners requirements as a condition for making and prolonging agreements on joint flight operation (code-sharing agreements).

The Company operates an integrated management system, which monitors the compliance of Aeroflot products and services and those of its suppliers with requirements for flight safety, aviation security and quality standards, as defined by the international standards IOSA, ISAGO, ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 (to which Aeroflot adheres), as well as Russian Federal Aviation Regulations. Aeroflot’s own sniffer dog service implements a system of anti-terrorist measures (the service uses a unique hound-jackal hybrid, called Sulimov dogs).

The company developed a series of programmes and procedures for ensuring aviation security in 2013, including the concept of an automated information and analysis system for security management.