Aeroflot runs a large-scale programme of support for Russian sport. The Company sponsors major international sports events as well as supporting Aeroflot’s own sports teams.

General Partner of the 22nd Winter Olympic Games and 11th Paralympic Winter Games, Sochi, 2014

In 2013, Aeroflot signed an agreement to carry the Russian Olympic team and the official Russian delegation to Sochi for the 22nd Winter Olympic Games. The agreement included the transportation to Sochi of 800 athletes, members of official delegations, as well as special baggage on regular and additional Aeroflot flights.

In 2013 Aeroflot joined with VISA in an initiative to support the Russian Olympic team, entitled ‘A Big Thank-you to the Team’: the two companies contributed RUB 10 million to help fund the creation of a scientific and methodological centre for Olympic training in support of Russian Olympians.

Also in 2013, Aeroflot was a technical partner of the Olympic torch relay, carrying the Olympic flame from Athens to Moscow.

Official partner of the XVII Summer Universiade in Kazan

In 2013 Aeroflot carried athletes, referees, organisers and other participants of the Universiade, which was held in Kazan. The number of Aeroflot flights between Moscow and Kazan was increased for the period of the Games.

Official airline partner and carrier of the Russian national football team

Since 2012 Aeroflot has been the official partner airline carrier of the Russian national football team.

Official sponsor and carrier of CSKA Moscow football club

Since 2009, Aeroflot has been the official sponsor and airline of CSKA Moscow football club. In turn, the club agrees provide advertising for the Company and to helps to promote the Aeroflot brand in Russia and abroad.

Sponsor of the Russian Volleyball Federation

Since 2012 Aeroflot has provided support for the development of volleyball, which is one of the most popular sports in Russia. Sponsorship of the Russian Volleyball Federation provides Aeroflot with a broad range of advertising opportunities.

General partner of the Russian Chess Federation

Aeroflot and the Russian Chess Federation have a long-standing association, working together to organise the Aeroflot Open Chess Tournaments, which are the largest chess tournaments in the world. The 12th Open International Chess Festival in 2013 had special importance, since it coincided with Aeroflot’s 90th birthday.