In its business Aeroflot adheres to the principles of transparency and openness in communication with external audiences. The Company fully complies with legal requirements for disclosure and seeks to comply with best practice of the world’s leading companies in this sphere.

JSC Aeroflot is guided in its information disclosure by the Federal Law on Joint-Stock Companies, the Federal Law on the Securities Market, and the Regulation on Information Disclosure (approved by Order № 11 — 46 of the Federal Service for Financial Markets, dated 4 October 2011). The Company takes account of the requirements of market organisers on the Russian securities market, recommendations of the Code of Corporate Conduct, and the Company’s own Statute on Corporate Information Policy.

JSC Aeroflot transmits information about its business activities to the widest possible audience by the placement of respective announcements and press releases in the news list, updated in real time, on the JSC Aeroflot page in the Skin disclosure system and on the official Company website.

High-quality information to assist investment analysis is provided regularly in the special ‘Investor Relations’ section of Aeroflot’s official website. The information includes lists of affiliates, quarterly and annual reports, and information disclosing business results that may affect the value of Company securities. Aeroflot has a public rating from Fitch Ratings agency, accompanied by an agency report, confirming the high level of financial transparency achieved by JSC Aeroflot.

Briefings and conference calls were organised for representatives of the investment community in 2013 to help improve disclosure and raise investment appeal, coinciding with the release of consolidated financial results of Aeroflot Group for 2012, and for the first half-year and nine months of 2013.

Cooperation with the investment community included meetings between Company management and representatives of major international funds (road shows) in Stockholm (Sweden), Frankfurt (Germany) and London (UK).

In 2013, the management of the company took part in meetings with investors in investment conferences and forums held by the following banks: Deutsche Bank, UBS, Morgan Stanley, Sberbank of Russia , VTB Capital, Renaissance Capital, Goldman Sachs, and Merrill Lynch.

The JSC Annual Report for 2012 won the nomination, ‘Best Annual Report in the consumer sector of the economy’ at the 16th Annual Report Competition held by Moscow Stock Exchange, and was also acclaimed ‘Best Annual Report in the transport industry’ at the 16th Annual National Competition for annual reports and websites, organised by Russia’s Securities Market Magazine and the INVESTOR.RU social network. The online version of the Company Annual Report for 2012 won the 12th Golden Website national competition for Internet sites.