Shareholders of Aeroflot at the AGM in June 2013 resolved to pay dividends on business results in the 2012 fiscal year in the amount of RUB 1.1636 per share in cash. The payments were made during the period from June 25 to August 23, 2013.

Dividends for 2012 paid to the Russian Federal Budget amounted to RUB 661,315,000.46. The Company has no dividend payments outstanding to the Federal Budget.

Payment of announced (accrued) dividends on shares of JSC Aeroflot
Dividend period Total accrued dividends, RUB Total amount actually paid, RUB The reason for inconsistency between the amounts accrued and the amounts actually paid is that the shareholder register of JSC Aeroflot lacked current payment details of some shareholders as of the payment date. Number of shares at record date Dividends per share, RUB
2008 199,910,243.16 199,877,268.30 1,110,616,299 0.1818
2009 388,382,542.36 388,345,850.76 1,110,616,299 0.3497
2010 1,205,129,746.04 1,205,087,832.86 1,110,616,299 1.0851
2011 2,000,018,000.00 1,999,953,078.76 1,106,143,588 The non-correspondence in the number of shares is due to buy-back of shares by the Company at shareholders’ request. In accordance with paragraph 6 of Article 76 of the Federal Law № 208-FZ on Joint Stock Companies (26.12.1995), these shares do not carry voting rights, are not taken into account in counting of votes, and do not accrue dividends. 1.8081
2012 1,292,313,125.52 1,292,048,246.03 1,110,616,299 1.1636